Hi, My name is Charlotte Bruijn, a children's illustrator and graphic designer


Hi, I am Charlotte Bruijn. I’m a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and a mother of two. I create joy since 2003. For children aged 0 to 100.

Lottaland is my happy creative studio for the young at heart. A place where characters come alive, where smiling is irresistible and where anything is possible. Whether it’s a girl and a squirrel making music or a brave broccoli going camping.

My style is playful and soulful. That’s exactly how I feel while making it. I start every project with a nice chat, a big stack of fresh white paper and a sharp pencil. The funnyshing touch is done digitally. Eventually I deliver pixel perfect files for printing or online use. All well composed and typed, thanks to my graphic design skills.

I’m always open for new projects, like developing books, products, identities, or whatever you need to make fun and friendly. I am used to work with people and companies all around the world.

I am represented by Lilla Rogers Studio. For all licensing and commission inquiries, please contact info@lillarogers.com.

For anything else, drop me a note using info@lottaland.nl or the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Published 2021
Pippa kan het _ Standaard Uitgeverij
Pippa en het potje _ Standaard Uitgeverij
Mes secrets de licorne _ Picturebook written by Benedicte Reviere _ Publisher: Fleurus Editions -  France
De prins zonder billen _ 3Th reprint since April 2021. Art direction, Illustrations, cover & graphic design picturebook. Author: Levina van Teunenbroek_ Publisher van Holkema & Warendorf_ Amsterdam 
Eet jij Snoep zonder mij? _ Holkema & Van Warendorf Picturebook written by Draga Malesevic 
You can be a farmer too! _ Little Tiger, Londen _ Penguin Random House_ illustrations & cover picturebook. Written by: Becky Davies
Published in 2020
Histoires qui font Prout  _ Fleurus Editions, Paris _ illustrations & cover picturebook. Written by Emmanuelle Lepetit
Grandad's lost his Glasses _ Client:  self publishing project England. Written by Dan Adams
Are you eating candy without me? _ Penguin Random House, New York  _ illustrations & cover picturebook. Written by Draga Malesevic
Het zonnige zomerboek_ 3 editorial illustrations (Moon Publisher, Amsterdam_ written by several writers
De ridder zonder billen _ 9th reprint since April 2020. Bestseller. Art direction, Illustrations, cover & graphic design picturebook. Written by Levina van Teunenbroek. Unieboek/ Publisher Van Holkema en Warendorf, Amsterdam
De Versjesboom _ Moon publisher, Amsterdam _ illustrations & cover picturebook. Written by Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder
Published in 2019 and before
Ivy the very determined dog _ Bromfield Press, Boston _ Illustration, cover & graphic design picturebook
Purple Firefly winner
Moonbeam Childrens Bookawards
Het wonderlijke winterboek _ 3 editorial illustrations Moon Publisher, Amsterdam
My husband and I were lucky to get our 3 educational self written, illustrated & designed book concepts published by Gottmer.
Mijn Bloemenbewaarboekje (My flower treasure book)
Mijn Verenbewaarboekje (My feather treasure book)
Mijn Bladerenbewaarboekje (My leaf treasure book)
Dutch rights where sold to Germany and China.
Word een held met je geld (Become a hero with your money) _ ABN Amro Foundation Bank, Amsterdam _ graphic design/ illustration an extensive teaching package ‘’ 
Wat is waarde? (What is value?) _ graphic design and illustration educational schoolbook, game and identity for a Dutch theatre organization.


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