Hi. My name is Charlotte Bruijn. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator.


Hi, I am Charlotte Bruijn. I’m a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and a mother of two. I create joy since 2003. For children aged 0 to 100.

Lottaland is my happy creative studio for the young at heart. A place where characters come alive, where smiling is irresistable and where anything is possible. Whether it’s a girl and a squirl making music or a brave broccoli going camping.

My style is playful and soulful. That’s exactly how I feel while making it.

I start every project with a nice chat, a big stack of fresh white paper and a sharp pencil. The funnyshing touch is done digitally. Eventually I deliver pixelperfect files for printing or online use. All well composed and typographed, thanks to my graphic design skills.

I’m always open for new projects, like developing books, products, identities, or whatever you need to make fun and friendly. I am used to work with people and companies all around the world.

Lottaland is also the creative ground for own initiatives. For example, together with my husband and wonderful writer Jaap Langenberg, we made a series of Nature Treasure books, published by Gottmer (in 2019 also published in Germany and China). And our own web-to-print baby cards webstore Tinkelgeboortekaartjes.nl, will be born soon!

Drop me a line, if you’d like to work together, on small or giant dreams.

Looking forward to meet you!


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